How does VendorPay work?

Felicia -

VendorPay is Snapdocs' direct deposit payment system. Companies that use Snapdocs can choose to use VendorPay to pay the signing agents they work with. As a signing agent working with a company using VendorPay, you'll receive payment automatically via direct deposit. 

Twice each month, on the 3rd and 18th, companies using VendorPay will be invoiced for the signings they processed in the previous billing period. An order must be both completed and closed before the 1st and the 16th, respectively, in order for payment to be processed.

Companies are then charged 2 business days after they are invoiced, and this is the day that we initiate payment transfers to signing agents. From the date we initiate payment transfers, it takes about 8-10 business days for the transfer to complete and for payments to actually show up in your bank account. Overall, notaries can typically expect to receive payment directly in your bank account within 1-3 weeks after a company closes an order.

Signings that are paid via VendorPay are automatically marked as paid for you one day after we receive confirmation that payment has been successfully deposited.

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