Can I invite companies that don't use Snapdocs to join?

Felicia -

Not all the companies you've worked with may already be using Snapdocs. If you've enjoyed using Snapdocs so far and would like to invite companies you work with to join you on the platform, you can easily send them an invitation through Snapdocs.

To do this, just follow these instructions:


1. Login to your account and go to your Companies page

2. You should see the following box at the top of the page. Click on the "Invite Company" button. 

3. You should now see the following pop up. 

4. If you've already manually added in the company, they should appear in the drop-down list when you click in the field under "Choose a company." Select the company that you'd like to invite. If you haven't already added the company you'd like to invite to your list of companies on Snapdocs, select "New Company" from the list and you should be able to type in the name of the company. 

5. If you've selected a company that you've already added in from the drop-down list, the "Email to" field should automatically be filled in with the email addresses of your contacts at the company. If you're inviting a company that you haven't manually added to your Snapdocs account, you will need to type in the email address where you would like to send the invite to.

6. You can edit the text in the "Message" section with anything you'd like. The message will be included in the email that is sent to your contacts. Once you're ready to send off the invitation, just click the "Send Email" button.

7. If your invitation has been successfully sent, you should see the following message appear.


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