The NNA information on my account is incorrect. How can I fix it?

Felicia -

If you find that the NNA information that we're reflecting on your Snapdocs profile is incorrect or not up to date, you'll need to contact the NNA in most cases. This is because we just pull the information that's listed on your NNA public profile. 

If the information we pulled is no longer up to date, this usually means that the information on your NNA public profile is also not up to date. To resolve this issue, just follow these instructions. 


1. Check what NNA information we're reflecting by logging into your account and going to your Credentials page. On your Credentials page, scroll down until you see your NNA certification information.


2. Click on the "View" link to be taken to your public NNA profile. Check to see whether the exam date listed on your Snapdocs account matches the exam date listed on your NNA profile. 

3. If the exam date listed on your NNA profile is not correct, this means that your NNA profile needs to be updated. Please contact the NNA, as they should be able to help you with your NNA profile. 

4. If the exam date listed on your Snapdocs account does not match the date listed on your NNA profile, this is an issue with Snapdocs. Please note that we sync NNA information every night, so if your NNA profile was recently updated, please allow for 24 hours to pass before contacting us for assistance. In most cases, we'll pull the updated information on your NNA profile in our next sync.

5. If the NNA profile that we've synced to is completely off and doesn't belong to you, this is probably because there was a match between either the email address or phone number on your Snapdocs profile and the email address or phone number on the NNA profile. If the NNA profile doesn't belong to you, please contact the NNA for assistance. If you continue experiencing issues, please contact Snapdocs. 

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