Can multiple notaries share one Snapdocs account?

Felicia -

We understand that sometimes notaries may work together as a team. Some couples or siblings may even be notary signing agents who work together. 

However, we've found that when a company assigns a notary to a signing and a different notary ends up showing up to the signing, this creates an unpleasant experience for all parties involved. Additionally, having multiple notaries share one account can create compliance issues.

For these reasons, each notary signing agent who would like to use Snapdocs should create his or her own individual signing agent account. If you don't have your own notary signing agent account, you can create an account here

Maintaining your own notary account on Snapdocs allows you to:


If you're worried that having your own account will prevent payment from being made out to your company (instead of directly to you), don't worry! We provide an easy way to let companies know that payment should be made out to your company or business name

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