Why am I getting notifications for far away signings?

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Snapdocs uses Google Maps to match the signing address on an order with notaries who are within a specified mile radius. If a large mile radius is used when a company is searching, this is one reason why you may receive signing offers that are farther away. 

Another reason why you may receive signing offers that are tremendously far from you is that Google Maps doesn't recognize an address for the signing or the notary and locates them inaccurately. 

For example, if a notary lives in Wisconsin, but Google Maps doesn't recognize her address, it may accidentally place her location in North Carolina. As a result, our notary search tool will send her signing notifications for orders in North Carolina. 

Or conversely, if a signing is in Austin, Texas but Google Maps doesn't recognize the address, it may place the signing near Dallas, Texas, for example. As a result, the notary search tool will show notaries near Dallas rather than Austin. 

The Solution
To help Google Maps find the right location, changing how your address is entered into Snapdocs usually solves the problem. Sometimes it can just be one small correction that helps Google find the right spot. For instance, the street could be entered as "221 Tennis Court Lane" and Google prefers "Tennis Court Ln." 

  1. As a first step, try deleting your address in Snapdocs and re-entering it. If a space ended up in the wrong spot, sometimes Google Maps gets confused.
  2. If that doesn't work go to Google Maps and enter your address. 
  3. If Google can't find a location, try different variations on the address to see if Google Maps will drop a pin. 
  4. Sometimes Google will find the right location but suggest a small change to the address. For example, instead of "Lane", Google might display it as "Ln." Another example is Google will display "Drive" as "Dr."
  5. If it does this, then update the address in Snapdocs to Google's suggested version. 
  6. If you still are not able to figure out why the address isn't working, please email us at support@snapdocs.com. 


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