Why is my NNA certificate or profile not accepted as a background check?

Felicia -

Although the NNA is a valid background check source, we only accept the full background check report (not just the certificate or the profile on signingagent.com). Companies often require more in-depth information than either the certificate or NNA profile provides, and uploading the full report to your profile makes the signing process smoother for both you and the companies on our platform.

The NNA should have provided you with a copy of your full background check report. If you're not sure where to access your full background check report, we recommend contacting the NNA for further assistance.

Your background check report must contain the following required sections:

  • SSN trace
  • County criminal search
  • Federal criminal search
  • Nationwide criminal search
  • Sex offender search
  • Motor vehicle report (optional)
  • Patriot Act search (optional)

Most background check reports done through the NNA will include all the required sections, as well as the optional sections. 


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