How to gain insight into your signings over the last 7 days

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We're constantly working on building tools and features to give notary signing agents more insight into their work. One of these tools is the ability to see your analytics for the last 7 days in the bar at the top of your dashboard. This includes the number of signings you've completed, your billable revenue, and the number of miles traveled.


Signings Completed

The number of signings you've completed in the last 7 days should reflect the number of signings where there's been a signing status added to it. 

Click the "add" link to manually add a signing to your Snapdocs account. Using Snapdocs to track all of your signings (including signings you receive off of Snapdocs) actually contributes to your order count and will help boost your ranking. Learn more about using Snapdocs to track all of your signings.


Billable Revenue

The amount of billable revenue shown should reflect your fees for all signings completed (signings that have a signing status) in the last 7 days. 

Clicking on your billable revenue will take you to your Accounting page, where you can see your outstanding payments, received payments, and expenses. Learn more about how to use your Accounting page.


Miles Traveled

The number of miles you've traveled in the last 7 days should reflect your estimated mileage for any signings you've completed.

Clicking on your miles traveled will take you to your expenses, which is located within your Accounting page. Learn more about managing and tracking your expenses.


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