Where can I get an E&O insurance policy?

Felicia -

Snapdocs does not require signing agents to carry errors and omissions (E&O) insurance. However, if you're interested in getting Snapdocs Verified, having E&O insurance is a requirement. Additionally, some signing services or title companies prefer to work with signing agents who do have E&O insurance.

Snapdocs also does not require a minimum amount of E&O insurance. However, some companies may require signing agents to carry a certain amount of insurance. If you're interested in working with a particular company, we suggest contacting them to see what their hiring requirements are.

If you're interested in getting E&O insurance, most insurance companies offer it. While we aren't able to recommend companies to obtain E&O insurance from, here are just some companies that we've seen many signing agents get their E&O insurance through:

  • Merchants Bonding Company
  • Western Surety Company
  • Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America
  • State Farm Fire and Casualty Company


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