Why should I receive text notifications of available signings?

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New signing agent accounts default to receive all signing notifications via text. However, when you create your account, you have the option to choose between receiving signing offers via text message or email. At this time, there isn't the option to receive signing offers through both text and email - only one method can be selected.

There are advantages to allowing companies to contact you via text notifications to alert you of signings. When you enable the text option in your account, you'll increase how likely you are to receive signing opportunities since this will also increase your signing agent ranking.

Text is also generally more instantaneous. This real-time notification enables you to respond immediately to signing requests. Responding quickly to signing offers can be helpful. However, it's important to note that speed is not the only factor that determines which signing agents gets the job. Instead, it's up to each company to choose which signing agent they'd like to work with and give the job to.

The notification text system saves companies hours of time spent on the phone, allowing them to focus on initiatives that drive growth. The more companies can focus on growth, the more signings they will be able to pass along to signing agents. 

Once a company assigns a signing agent to an order, all communication generally moves over to email. The initial text notifications are a great way to save time for everyone on the front end of the signing, before transitioning all communication to email for the duration of the signing.


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