Two Factor Authentication: Security for Your Snapdocs Account

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Your security and the security of the documents and information you handle as a signing agent is a top priority for us. To increase the security of Snapdocs signing agent accounts, logging in requires two factor authentication (which is also sometimes known as two step login/authorization/verification).

Two factor authentication ensures that only you can access your Snapdocs account, even if the password for your account has fallen into someone else's hands.

Important Note: Your two factor authentication/verification code should never be shared with anyone else. This code should be entered directly into the Snapdocs website and never entered into any third-party websites. Additionally, Snapdocs will never contact you asking for the verification code.


What Is Two Factor Authentication?

When you login from a new device for the first time or change your password, you'll need to complete two factor authentication.

In addition to entering a valid email address and password for your Snapdocs account, you'll also be prompted to enter in a code that can be provided to you via either phone call or text message.


How Do I Complete Two Factor Authentication When Logging In?

  1. Log into your Snapdocs account at by entering in the email address and password for your account.
  2. Upon entering a valid email address and password combination, you'll then be asked to enter in a sign-in code that has been texted to you. You can also request the code via a phone call by clicking the "Receive a voice call instead" link. 
  3. Once you receive the text or phone call with the sign-in code, enter it and click the "Verify  Code" button.  
    • Re-send code - If you don't receive the text after a few minutes, click the "Re-send code" link to re-send the text to yourself.
    • I Trust this device - Check off the "I trust this device" box if you want Snapdocs to trust the device you're currently using and not prompt you to complete two factor authentication for the next 14 days. As a security measure, after the 14 days have passed, you will need to enter the two factor authentication code again and then re-trust the device. Leave this box un-checked if you do want to complete two factor authentication every time you log in using the current device. 
  4. If you've entered in the correct sign-in code, you'll be successfully logged into your Snapdocs account. If you've entered in an incorrect sign-in code, you'll see an error message letting you know.




Do I Have to Complete Two Factor Authentication Every Time I Login?

If you'd like to complete two factor authentication every time you log into your Snapdocs account, you certainly can, but it isn't necessary. If you don't want to be prompted every time you login, just make sure that the "I trust this device" option is checked off. This will ensure that the device you are currently using will be trusted for 14 days and you will not be prompted every time you login for the next 14 days.

Two factor authentication is tied to the individual browser and device. This means that if you switch to a new device or a new browser that you haven't previously completed two factor authentication for, you'll be prompted to do so.

If you clear your browser's cookies, you'll be asked to complete two factor authentication when logging in. Also, if you don't have cookies enabled in your browser, this means that the browser can't remember that you've previously completed two factor authentication. As a result, you'll need to do so every time you login. If you'd like, you can enable cookies in your browser's settings to prevent this from happening.


What to do if You're Asked for Two Factor Authentication Every Time  

If you're being prompted to complete two factor authentication every time you log into your Snapdocs account and you're not using a new browser or device, we recommend taking the following steps to double check if there's something that's causing this:

  1. Have you recently deleted your browser's cookies? If so, this will essentially "reset" your browser. Deleting the browser's cookies will cause us to prompt you to complete two factor authentication again.
  2. Double check that the "I trust this device" option is checked off when completing two factor authentication.
  3. Double check that your browser's cookies are enabled and that your browser allows third-party cookies.
  4.  If you're using Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer, double check that the "Delete browser history upon exit" option is not checked (instructions here). 
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