How can I tell whether scanbacks are required for a signing?

Felicia -

There are two ways to easily tell if a signing requires scanbacks. 


Through the Signing Notification

When you view a signing offer, if scanbacks are required for the signing, it will say "Scanbacks: Required." 



Through the Order Page

When you view an order from your dashboard, if scanbacks are required for the signing, it will say "Scanbacks Required" under the "Return Documents" section.

If you don't see a "Return Documents" section appear on the order page, this is likely because the company has not indicated that documents have been sent. The company will need to do this before you can upload any files to the order.



An Important Note

While we provide a simple and easy way for companies to indicate to notary signing agents whether scanbacks are required, some companies may choose to instead put this information in their special instructions or convey this directly to the signing agent. 

If a signing does not say "Scanbacks Required," this doesn't necessarily mean that scanbacks are not needed. We always recommend reading through a company's instructions in order to make sure you know what exactly a company requires in order to execute a flawless job. If there are any questions about a signing or if you're ever unclear on the scope of a signing or job, contacting the company is the best way to get clarification.



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