How to create your free Snapdocs notary signing agent account

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Thank you for your interest in using Snapdocs as a signing agent! If you aren't already familiar with what Snapdocs does, you can learn more about what we provide here.

To get started on Snapdocs and create your free signing agent account, click here to enter your first name, last name, and email address you'd like to use for your account. Then, follow the instructions below: 


Step 1

Activate your profile - If you're signing up directly through the Snapdocs website, you should receive an email that looks similar to the first email below. If you've been invited by a company that uses Snapdocs to sign up, you should receive an email similar to the second email below. In both cases, click on the "Activate my profile" button to start completing your signing agent profile.




Step 2

Set a password for your signing agent account - To encourage secure passwords, passwords must be at least 8 characters long and meet 3 of the 4 requirements:

  • Contain a lowercase letter
  • Contain an uppercase letter
  • Contain a number
  • Contain a special character (like $, !, #, etc.)

Agree to our terms of service - In order to use Snapdocs, you must agree to our terms of service. We recommend thoroughly reading through the terms of service before accepting them. If you do agree to the terms, check off the "I agree to these terms and conditions" box. If you don't agree with something in our terms, please do not accept them anyways. 

Create your account - After setting your password and agreeing to the terms (but only if you do actually agree to them), click the "Create Account" button. 



Step 3 

Enter in your mobile phone number - Each signing agent account must have a valid mobile phone number. This phone number should be able to receive text messages, as we'll be verifying that this mobile phone number belongs to you via text message in the next step.

Choose how to receive signing offers - There are two ways to receive signing offers - via text or email.

  • To receive signing offers via text message, make sure the "Send me notifications via text message" box is checked.
  • To receive signing offers via email, make sure the "Send me notifications via text message" box is not checked.

Enter your street and payment address - Your street address is used to geo-locate you so that you receive signing offers nearby. Your payment address is where any checks will be mailed to you. 

  • If your street and payment address are the same, make sure the "Payment address is the same" box is checked.
  • If your street and payment address are different, make sure the "Payment address is the same" box is not checked. 

Move on to the next step - Once you're done entering your mobile phone number, street address, and payment address, click the "Next" button to proceed.



Step 4

Verify your mobile phone number - After clicking "Next" in the previous step, a text message with a six-digit code should have been sent to the mobile phone number that was entered. It may take a few minutes for the text message to be delivered to you. Once you do receive the text message though, enter in the six-digit code and then click "Next" to proceed to the next step.

  • If you haven't received a text message after a few minutes, click the "resend code" link to send another text message to your mobile phone number.
  • If you made a mistake when entering your mobile phone number or would like to change it, click the "Back" button to go back to the previous step and update the mobile phone number for your account.



Step 5

Upload your notary commission certificate - Many companies prefer to work with signing agents who are able to provide proof that they are credentialed and qualified to work. If you don't have access to your commission certificate or card at this time or would prefer to do this later, feel free to click "Skip" to proceed to the next step. You can always upload any credentials you have once your account has been fully created. Otherwise, complete all required fields to upload your commission:

  • Number - Enter in your commission number. If your state doesn't issue commission numbers, simply enter "N/A".
  • State - Select the state you are commissioned in from the dropdown menu.
  • Expiration date - Select the month, day, and year that your commission expires. If you're commissioned in a state where your notary commission does not expire, you can enter in any date or select the date that's furthest in the future.
  • Attachment - Click the "Choose file" button to locate and select the file from your computer that you'd like to upload as your notary commission.



Step 6

Upload a professional profile photo - To add a profile photo, click the "Add a Photo" button. Otherwise, if you'd like to skip this step for now, click the "Skip" button. Don't worry, you can always add a profile photo to your account later. 



Step 7

Add any languages you're fluent in - Companies are constantly looking for signing agents who are fluent in other languages and able to handle a loan signing in a language other than English. If you're fluent in another language besides English, list it under the "Languages spoken" section. You never know if you might pick up some additional signings due to it!

Fill in your bio - Under the "Tell us about yourself" section, you can let companies know how long you've been working as a signing agent or any industry experience you have. If you're new to the profession, are there any skills or experiences that will be relevant to your work as a signing agent?

Check off any additional capabilities - Select whether you have a laser printer or dual tray printer. You can also indicate whether you're a licensed attorney

Enable or disable your public profile - An additional benefit we provide to signing agents is the ability to have a public profile that can be found by anyone who is searching the Internet for a notary signing agent. This can include consumers who are looking for a notary public and companies that don't use Snapdocs. Your public profile is separate from the profile that's used by companies who are on Snapdocs and utilize our technology to find signing agents. If you'd like to enable your public profile, just toggle the button to say "Yes." Otherwise, toggle the button to say "No" if you'd like to disable your public profile. You can always adjust your public profile settings later. 

Complete your account - Once you're done, click the "Finish" button to complete your account! 



Step 8

Explore your signing agent account - If you've completed your account, you should now see your Dashboard. You're now free to explore your Snapdocs signing agent account!

Learn more about using Snapdocs - If you're interested in learning more about the various tools at your disposal through your Snapdocs account, how Snapdocs works, and how to make the most out of your time using Snapdocs, check out the following resources:




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