How Snapdocs ensures text messages are successfully delivered to you

Felicia -

Because successfully receiving signing offers is crucial to many signing agents’ business, we want to ensure that our text messages reach you. To prevent our text messages from being blocked by phone carriers, all text messages sent through Snapdocs will now come from 58163, instead of a 10-digit phone number.

As more companies and signing agents use Snapdocs, having a shortened phone number (what’s called a short code) allows us to increase the reliability of our notification system.

For signing agents, you’ll no longer experience text messages failing to reach you because your phone carrier flagged it as spam or blocked it. In addition to managing your notification settings through your account, you can also easily turn off all text messages from us by responding to any text message with any of the following:

  • STOP
  • END
  • QUIT

Doing so will update your settings so that you'll receive email notifications instead. 

If you ever accidentally disable your Snapdocs text messages, simply re-enable them in your account settings

For companies, they’ll be able to even more reliably send you signing offers using our notification system.

If you ever find that the number of text messages you're receiving is overwhelming, we offer a few tools to help you manage your notifications:

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