How can I use Snapdocs to keep track of all my clients?

Felicia -

In addition to tracking signings that you receive through Snapdocs, you can also use Snapdocs to manage signings that you receive off of Snapdocs. While you can add companies that aren't on Snapdocs when you manually add a signing to your Dashboard, you can also directly add companies on your Companies page as a way to keep track of all your clients.

Please note that companies are NOT contacted when you add them to your Snapdocs account. Any contact information you input will only be used by Snapdocs when you give us permission (i.e. sending an invoice to your client, sending an invitation to a client, sending a message to your client, etc.). 

Follow these instructions to add a company to your contacts on Snapdocs:


1. Login and go to your Companies page.

2. Click on the "Add Company" button.

3. You should see the following form. 

4. Enter your client's information. Click "Create Company" once you're done.

5. Once you've added your client. You can then:

  • Manually add in a signing that you're doing for the client by clicking the "Add an Order" button. Learn how to track non-Snapdocs orders.
  • Add contacts at the company by clicking on the "Contacts" button. Learn how to add contacts.
  • Edit the details of the company at any time by clicking on the "Edit Company" button.
  • Invite your client to join you on Snapdocs by clicking the "Send Invite" button. 

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