I don't have documents for a signing, what do I do?

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You've been assigned to a signing and it's a day or even a few hours before the signing. You still haven't received the loan documents though! Don't panic - here's what to do to check on the status of the loan documents for a signing.

Note: Snapdocs provides technology that allows signing agents and companies to easily manage their closings. However, we aren't involved in signings, so only the company that hired you for the signing will be able to help you with obtaining documents for a signing. 



1. If you haven't received the documents for a loan signing yet, the first thing to do is to check the order. After logging into your Snapdocs account at app.snapdocs.com, click on the order that you'd like to check on the documents for. 


2. Locate the "Documents" section on the order page. If the company has uploaded documents in advance and has scheduled them to be released to you, you'll be able to see the approximate time at which the documents will be made available to you. Simply wait until the specified time to check in on the order - the documents should appear at that time and be available to download. You'll also automatically receive an email to let you know when the documents are available to you.



3. If the "Documents" section doesn't display an estimated time, this means that the company either hasn't uploaded documents yet or hasn't scheduled the documents they've uploaded to be automatically released to you. In this case, contact the hiring company to follow up on the status of the documents. 



4. To contact the company that hired you for the signing, send them a message through the order page. You can also find their contact information by clicking on the "Contact Us" link next to the company's name. Learn more about how to contact companies you're working with.

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