How do I know if I've been assigned to a signing?

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It's up to each hiring company to select the signing agent they'd like to work with for a signing. When responding to signing opportunities, you're letting the company know whether you're interested and available for the signing. From there, the hiring company decides the signing agent they'll assign the signing to.

If you aren't assigned to the signing, you won't be notified. This is intentionally done so signing agents who receive and respond to many signing opportunities a day aren't flooded with unnecessary messages. You'll only be notified if you've been assigned to the signing

There are a couple ways to tell that you have indeed been assigned to a signing:


Text Confirmation

If you've been assigned to a signing, you'll automatically receive a confirmation via text upon assignment. Here's an example of what the text might say:




Email Confirmation

Aside from a text confirmation, you'll also receive a confirmation that you've been assigned via email. The email confirmation needs to be triggered by the hiring company though, while the text confirmation is automatically sent to you as soon as you have been assigned. Here's an example of what the email confirmation looks like:



Your Dashboard

Any signings you've been assigned to will automatically appear on your dashboard as soon as you've been assigned to them.


Your Recent Notifications History

Your recent notifications history can be a useful tool in seeing whether you've been assigned to a signing or if the company has assigned the signing to another signing agent. Learn more here.



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