How do I fill out the Old Republic Title agreement?

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**The Old Republic Title agreement has been discontinued as of 6/23/2018. This means that the agreement is no longer available to signing agents and there's no need to fill it out.**

Some companies may require additional agreements if you're interested in working with them. While filling out the Old Republic Title agreement is completely optional, it is required if you'd like to work with the company. 

Note: The Old Republic Title agreement is only available to signing agents located in certain states. 


How to Fill Out the Old Republic Title Agreement

1. Login to your account at

2. Click on "Credentials" in the left-hand column. Your Credentials page is where the agreement is located.



3. On your Credentials page, locate the "Missing Credentials" section on the right-side of the page. If you haven't already filled out the agreement, "Old Republic Title Agreement" should be listed. Click on the link to bring up the agreement form.



4. If you haven't uploaded your notary commission and E&O insurance policy or filled out your W-9, you'll be prompted to do so before being able to fill out the Old Republic Title agreement.



5. Otherwise, if you have completed all required credentials in order to complete the agreement, you should see the following form. Simply follow the prompts to fill out the agreement.



6. If the agreement has been successfully filled out, a confirmation should appear. You can click on the "Click here to download" link to download a copy of the completed agreement.



7. After closing the confirmation, you should also see the Old Republic Title agreement listed on your Credentials page. 




How to Delete or Re-do the Old Republic Title Agreement

1. If you've already filled out the agreement, but you'd like to re-do it for any reason (i.e. it has expired), just locate the Old Republic Title agreement on your Credentials page. Then, click the "Manage" button by it.



2. A drop-down menu should appear with the "Delete Document" option - select it.



3. You'll be asked to confirm that you'd like to delete the document. If you would, click "Confirm." If you didn't want to delete the existing agreement, click "Cancel."



4. If the agreement has been successfully deleted, you should see "Old Republic Title Agreement" listed underneath the "Missing Credentials" section. To fill it out, just click on the link.




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