How to download loan documents by letter and legal size

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If you find it easier to download loan documents based on the size of the pages, documents uploaded by companies and shared with you through Snapdocs can be automatically sorted, split, and downloaded accordingly.


NotePassword-protected files will not display a breakdown of how many pages are legal and letter size. They also cannot be downloaded split by paper size. This is because we're unable to access password-protected files in order to split their contents.


Here's how you can download documents by letter or legal size:

1. Login to your Snapdocs account at From your dashboard, click on the order you'd like to download loan documents for.

2. If the company that assigned you to the order has uploaded and shared any documents with you, there should be a "Documents" section on the order page. If a PDF has been shared with you, you can see a breakdown of how many pages in the file are letter-sized and legal-sized.



3. To download the file, click on the upside-down triangle and a menu should drop down with an option to either download the entire document as one file or to download the document and have it split for you by letter and legal size.

  • Clicking "Download" will download the document as it is, in one file.
  • Clicking "Download: split by letter/legal" will download a ZIP file containing one file with all documents that are letter-sized and one file with all documents that are legal-sized.



4. If you click "Download: split by letter/legal", the file should start downloading and you should see a message that says "Separating letter and legal pages..." Please note that it can take a few moments for the pages to be separated. Larger files may take a bit longer.



5. Once the document has been successfully separated, a ZIP file should automatically download to your computer. Locate the ZIP file on your computer. Most computers will allow you to simply double click on the ZIP file to "unzip" it and extract the contents.



6. If the file has been successfully "unzipped," it should appear as a new folder.



7. Double click on the folder to view its contents. There should be:

  • A file that is clearly labeled as containing all letter-sized pages
  • A file that is labeled as containing all legal-sized pages
  • A text file with instructions on how to put the pages back into their original order. 



8. To re-assemble the entire package after printing, double click on the text file to open it and view the re-assembly instructions. The pages in each letter and legal file are arranged according to their order in the original PDF file. To put the original document back together, grab the indicated number of pages from the corresponding stack of legal or letter pages, starting from stack order #1 and working your way down.


For example, to re-assemble this file, you would take the first 5 pages of the stack of legal pages. These 5 pages are the first 5 pages of the entire package. Then, take the first 5 pages of the stack of letter pages. These 5 letter pages should be placed after the 5 legal pages. 

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