What is E&O insurance, is it required, and is there a minimum amount required?

Felicia -

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance is often carried by signing agents and is an insurance policy that protects signing agents in the case that they make any mistakes. 

E&O insurance is not required by Snapdocs. If you choose to buy E&O insurance, we also do not require a minimum amount. If you would like to become Snapdocs Verified though, E&O insurance is required. 

However, some signing services and escrow and title companies look for signing agents who do have E&O insurance. They may also require a minimum amount of insurance in order for a signing agent to be eligible to work with them. 

If there is a specific company that you'd like to work with, we suggest contacting them to find out what they look for when selecting a signing agent to work with.


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