Is VendorPay direct deposit secure?

Felicia -

We recognize that security is a big concern for many notaries, and security is definitely not something taken lightly at Snapdocs. 

In addition to encrypting your information on Snapdocswe do not actually have direct access to your bank account informationCompanies that use Snapdocs do not have access to your bank information either. We use a third-party service, called Stripe, to securely connect your bank account to your Snapdocs account, so your bank account information is never seen by us nor the companies you work with on Snapdocs.

Also, neither Snapdocs nor the companies you work with on the platform have the ability to withdraw or access money in your account. 

In the rare case that there is an erroneous deposit made, we may need to reverse the transaction though. If this happens, we will contact you before taking any action. 

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