How to keep track of your payments

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You can easily keep track of both your outstanding and received payments on Snapdocs. This includes payments for signings that you've received through Snapdocs, as well as payments for signings that you've manually added to your dashboard.

To access your payments, just login to your Snapdocs account and go to your Accounting page. You should automatically land on the Payments tab, where you'll see a list of your outstanding payments first, and then a list of your received payments. You can also see when a payment has been sent by a company (if the company uses this functionality) and when you marked a payment as being received. For more information on how to manage your outstanding and received payments, just keep on reading!


Managing Outstanding Payments

1. You can easily mark an order as paid by clicking on the "Mark as Paid" button next to the order. Learn more about how to mark orders as paid.

Marking an order as paid will move the order from your outstanding payments to your received payments.


2. You can also easily see whether an order is being paid through VendorPay or not, as it'll say "VendorPay" under the fee. If an order is being paid through VendorPay, please take a look at our VendorPay FAQ to learn about how VendorPay works and when you can expect to receive payment. If an order is not paid through VendorPay, please take a look at the instructions here on how to follow up with companies regarding payment.


3. You can download a spreadsheet of all your outstanding payments by clicking on the "Download" button.


Managing Received Payments

1. To change the details of when you received a payment, just click on the order that you'd like to edit the payment information for.


2. You can download a history of all your payments (both outstanding and received) by clicking on the "Download all" button. To download all your payments for a specific time period, just click on the "Filter" button.

Note: Filtering by a date range will filter based on the date payment was received - not the date the signing appointment occurred. Our engineering team is working hard to expand sorting and refining capabilities though! 

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