How to mark signings that you've received payment for

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Tracking which signings you've been paid for is easy and straightforward, and you can do this for both orders you've received through Snapdocs and orders you've manually added yourself.

In order to mark an order as paid, a signing status must be added to the order. Once a signing status has been added, the button to mark the order as paid will appear.

There are currently three ways to mark an order as paid.

Note: VendorPay orders do not have an option to "Mark as Paid." This is because we mark orders that are processed through VendorPay for you. This happens one day after we have received confirmation that your payment has been successfully deposited into your bank account.


From Your Dashboard

1. Login to your account. On your dashboard, you should see "Mark as Paid" buttons by each signing that has been completed or has passed. Click on the "Mark as Paid" button to mark a signing as paid, straight from your dashboard.

2. If the order has successfully been marked as paid, the "Mark as Paid" button should have turned into a green checkmark.


From the Accounting Page

1. Login to your account and click on "Accounting" in the left-hand column to access your Accounting page. 


2. You should see a list of your outstanding payments at the top of the page and a list of your received payments towards the bottom of the page. To mark a signing as paid, just click on the "Mark as Paid" button.


3. The order will be moved to your received payments and be marked as paid, with payment received on the date you marked the order as paid. If you'd like to change the date you received payment, just click on the name of the order under the "Order" column.


From the Order Page

1. From your dashboard, click on the specific order that you'd like to mark as paid. On the left-side, you should see the "Payment" box, with a button to "Mark as Paid."



2. Click on the "Mark as Paid" button and the "Payment" box should update to show something similar to the image below.



How to Add a Check Number and Edit or Remove a Payment Status

1. To add a check number or edit or remove the payment status on an order, click on the specific order from your dashboard. Locate the "Payment" box on the individual order page and click on the pencil icon.


2. Clicking on the pencil icon should bring up the following popup, where you can:

  • Add a check number
  • Change the date you were "paid at" (the date you received payment)
  • Change the status of the payment from being received to "mark as not received"

When you're done making any changes, just click the "Save" button.

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