How do I send companies documents or scanbacks through Snapdocs after a signing is completed?

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Some companies on Snapdocs may ask you to send them your scanbacks through Snapdocs after a signing has been completed. Here are the instructions on how to do this:


1. Login to your account to get to your dashboard.

2. Click on the individual signing on your dashboard.

3. You can either drag and drop documents into the "Return Documents" to have them uploaded, or you can click on the "Or choose a file" button to upload a file. Uploaded documents will be shared with the company that contracted you and the client. 



4. If the document was successfully uploaded, it should appear in the "Returned Documents" box and the document will indicate that it was uploaded by you. You can add any additional files by click on the "Add document" button. To edit the name of the file you uploaded, just click on the gray pencil icon



5. When you're finished adding scanbacks, click on the "Finished Adding Docs" button. This notifies the company that you've finished uploading your scanbacks. Don't worry though, if you accidentally click on the button but remember that you actually still have more files to upload, you can still do so! Just click on the "Add document" button to continue uploading files for the order.



Can I delete a document that I upload?

For auditing and compliance reasons, uploaded documents cannot be deleted. However, if you accidentally uploaded the wrong document, just upload the correct document and let the company know which document is the correct one. The company can also remove any incorrect files for you. 


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