How can I indicate the areas I cover or would like to receive signing opportunities for?

Felicia -

Snapdocs uses the street address in your profile to notify you of available signings in your area.

Instead of looking at zip codes, our search algorithm considers the mile radius from the signing location. The mile radius searched will vary from search to search, depending on how many signing agents in the area. For locations where there are more signing agents, the mile radius searched will be smaller. For locations where there are fewer signing agents, the mile radius searched will be larger in order to surface a larger amount of signing agents for the company to consider.

When companies are searching for a signing agent through Snapdocs, they can also specify the mile radius they want to search by. Only notaries that are located within the mile radius will appear in the results. 

Because companies can change the search radius and our algorithm may automatically adjust depending on how many notaries there are in a location, you may receive notifications for signings that are both close and farther away. If you receive a notification for a signing that's too far, you can use our response options to let the company know and what your fee would be to complete the signing in the case they can't find a closer signing agent. 

If you would like to list the areas you cover, the best place to do so would be in your bio. You can do this by logging into your account and going to your "My Profile" page. Please note though that adding the areas you cover to your bio does not affect which areas you may receive signing opportunities for. 

If you would like to update your street address, you can do this by also navigating to your "My Profile" page.

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