Do I need to invoice the company for an order I've completed?

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Snapdocs automatically generates an invoice for companies, but what you need to do in order for that to happen will vary slightly depending on whether you received the order through Snapdocs or you manually added the order to your Snapdocs account.

It isn't necessary to invoice Snapdocs. This is because Snapdocs does not pay notary signing agents. The funds that are paid to you come from the company that hired you to complete the signing. 


For Orders Received Through Snapdocs

When working with a company that uses Snapdocs to manage their closings, we automatically generate an invoice for the company once they close the order. As long as you add a signing status to the order to indicate to the company whether the signing was successful or not, there's nothing else you need to do! The company is the one who will close the order.


For Manually Added Orders

1. If the order is a manually added order for a company that does not use Snapdocs, you will first need to add a signing status to the order.


2. When you add a signing status, you can check the "Send email notification to client" if you'd like to alert your client that the signing was successful or not. If you'd like to send an email notification to your client, we'll generate a preview of the email that will be sent. Click "Save" once you're done filling in the information. 


3. Once you've added a signing status, you can now either "Create Invoice," "Close Order," or "Cancel Order." 


4. Clicking on "Create Invoice" will bring up the following popup, where you can preview and edit the email that will be sent to your client when invoicing. If you'd like to invoice your client, just click "Send" when you're ready. If you'd like to just download the invoice, just click the "Download Invoice Only" link instead. 


5. If at any time you'd like to re-download the invoice, send the invoice to your client again, or re-open the order, you can.

  • Click on the "Invoice downloaded" button to either re-download the invoice or send the invoice to your client. 
  • Click on the "Invoice sent" button either re-send the invoice or download the invoice. You can also click on the upside-down white triangle to just download the invoice.
  • Click on the  upside-down white triangle next to "Order Closed" in order to "Reopen Order." 



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