What is my public notary profile and how does it work?

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Aside from the profile that companies on Snapdocs see when you have an account, you can also have a public notary profile. If you have your public notary profile enabled, it is accessible to anyone on the Internet. This means that if someone searches for a notary in your area online, you may show up. 

Note: Your public profile is not the same as the profile that companies who use Snapdocs' technology have access to. Additionally, our public notary search is also different from the search that companies who use our technology utilize. Public notary profiles are simply an additional benefit provided to signing agents who use Snapdocs and should not be used to gauge how you're ranking or to see which areas you cover


How to Enable/Disable and Make Changes to Your Public Notary Profile

1. Login to your account and go to "My Profile." 


2. On your "My Profile" page, there will be a button that says either "On" or "Off" in the "Public Profile" box. Click the button to change whether your public profile is enabled or disabled. 


How to View Your Public Profile

1. If you have your public profile enabled on your "My Profile" page, just click the "View Public Profile" button to see your public profile. 



Should I Enable My Public Profile?

Enabling your public profile is completely optional and up to you! The benefit of having a public profile is that anyone that does not use Snapdocs can find and contact you, potentially bringing you additional business. 

In order to keep your contact information secure, your email address and phone number aren't exposed on your public profile. Instead, if a person would like to contact you after seeing your public profile, they'll need to input their email address in order to obtain your contact information. From there, the person can then contact you directly by phone or email. 

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