Why was my notary bond rejected?

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The main reason notary bonds are rejected is because there is information or signatures missing. Locate the rejection reason you received (or the closest approximation to it) below to find how you can resolve the issue and then re-submit your bond on your Credentials page. 

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The uploaded document is not a surety bond.

Explanation: The uploaded document was probably not a notary bond. The following documents are NOT the same as a bond:

  • E&O policy
  • Power of attorney
  • Receipt or invoice for a notary bond
  • Notary commission certificate
  • A letter of proof

How to solve it: Locate your notary bond - it will typically say "Notary Public Bond," "Notary Public's Bond," or "Bond of Notary Public" on the document. It will also usually contain a bond number and the amount of the bond. Upload your bond on your Credentials page to submit it for verification. If you're not sure whether or not you have a copy of your notary bond, we recommend reaching out to the company that executed the bond for you.

In some states, the state department will take your notary bond for filing, so you won't receive a copy of it back. In these cases, we can accept a copy of the bond that has been completed and approved by the insurance company but is missing the approval of the state. Your bond may also be located on the same document as your notary public application or Oath of Office. We recommend checking through any documents you may have filled out or received while you were applying and becoming a notary.


Incomplete document. Please ensure that the entire bond is completely filled out and signed.

Explanation: The bond was not entirely completed. There may be some information that still needs to be filled in or there may be some signatures missing. 

How to solve it: Double check your bond for any blank spaces. If there are any spaces or lines that have not been filled out, please fill them out. Once your bond has been completely and correctly filled out, upload it to submit it for verification.


Incomplete document. Oath of Office is not completed.

Explanation: The bond was not entirely completed. Specifically, there was an Oath of Office on the document that was not filled out.

How to solve it: Have the Oath of Office correctly completed and then re-upload your bond.


Incomplete document. The bond is missing the principal's signature.

Explanation: The bond is missing a signature(s) by the principal (aka, the notary who the bond was issued to).

How to solve it: Sign your bond in any places that require the principal's signature and then re-submit your bond for verification.


The bond number on this surety bond could not be found.

Explanation: The bond number is missing from the document. All commercial or corporate bonds issued by a bonding agency or insurance company should have a bond number. Personal or individual surety bonds will not have a bond number.

How to solve it: In some cases, the bond number may not be automatically printed on the bond. This often happens with Florida notary bonds. Please contact the bonding company to ask whether a bond number was issued. If there is a bond number and it's just not automatically printed on the document, we suggest writing or typing in the number onto the bond so that we can check your bond number. If you have any accompanying documents have your bond number on it, just upload it together with the bond form to submit it as one notary bond. If you have multiple files that you'd like to submit together as one bond, just follow the uploading instructions here.


The expiration date on this surety bond is dependent on your commission date. Please upload a valid notary commission certificate.

Explanation: The expiration date of the bond is dependent on either the commencement or expiration date of your notary commission. We don't have a valid notary commission certificate at the time of verifying your bond, so we are unable to verify the expiration date of your notary bond.

How to solve it: Upload your notary commission certificate so that our verification system can take a look at it and confirm your commission date. Then, re-upload your bond to submit it for verification. If we are able to successfully verify your commission, we should then be able to verify the expiration date of your bond based on it. 


The document is cut off. Please ensure that the entire document is fully visible.

Explanation: Part of the bond is cut off. In order for us to verify a document, it must be fully visible.

How to solve it: Please take another picture or scan of your bond and ensure that the entire document is fully visible and that nothing has been cut off. Then, upload your bond again to have it verified.


Illegible document. Please upload a clearer copy.

Explanation: The uploaded document could not be clearly read by the system, so it could not be successfully verified.

How to solve it: Please take another picture or scan of your bond and ensure that the information on it (your name, bond number, bond amount, expiration date, etc.) can be clearly read. Please also make sure that the entire bond is visible and nothing is cut off. Then, upload your bond again to have it verified.


Document could not be opened. Please upload a PDF, JPG, or PNG file.

Explanation: Our verification system was unable to open the document that was uploaded. This is most likely because the uploaded document was not in a file format that we are able to process.

How to solve it: We are only able to verify documents that are in PDF, JPG, or PNG format. If you upload a document in one of those file formats, our verification system can take another look at it.

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