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Why are you verifying my documents?

Companies are looking for notaries that have uploaded all of their credentials and verified their ID. As a result, Snapdocs is checking and verifying notary documents and listing these verified notaries as Snapdocs Verified. Read more about being Snapdocs Verified here.


What do I need to do to be listed as Snapdocs Verified?

Upload your credentials! We are checking and verifying your notary commission, bond (if applicable), full background check report, E&O insurance policy, and that you have verified your ID. If you have all 5 of these components, you will be listed as Snapdocs Verified!


How can I tell if my credentials were accepted?

You can see the status of your credentials by clicking on the "Credentials" tab in the left column of your dashboard. Click here for detailed instructions.


Why wasn't my E&O policy accepted? 

Most of the time this happens because the document uploaded is missing a page or if the individual pages were uploaded as separate documents. This can be resolved by uploading the full document with all pages in the same file. Click here for detailed information.


Why wasn't my background check report accepted?

To be verified we need to view your full background check report. In order to verify your background check report we need to check for the following required sections:

  • SSN trace
  • County criminal search
  • Federal & nationwide criminal search
  • Sex offender search
  • Motor vehicle report (optional)
  • Patriot Act search (optional)

Click here for more detailed information


Why doesn't Snapdocs accept my NNA certificate as a complete background check?

Although the NNA is a valid background check source, we only accept the full background check report (not just the certificate). Companies often require more in-depth information than the certificate provides, and uploading the full report to your profile makes the signing process smoother for both you and the companies on our platform.

The NNA should have provided you with both a background check certificate and the full report. To solve this issue, upload the full report instead of the certificate.

If you have any trouble locating your full background check report from the NNA, we suggest contacting them, as they'll be the ones who can best assist you. 


How do I upload new documents or replace existing documents?

Follow the detailed instructions for managing your documents here


How do I verify my ID on Snapdocs?

For security reasons, only you can verify your ID - we cannot do it for you. To verify your ID, just follow these detailed instructions!

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