Can companies or borrowers leave me feedback?

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For notaries, both companies and borrowers can leave you feedback on their experience working with you. Company feedback isn't visible at this time, since we're working on improving our feedback system. However, borrower feedback is available to you on some signings.

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How do companies leave me feedback?

Companies can leave positive, neutral, or negative feedback for a notary who they've worked with through Snapdocs. All feedback needs to be tied to an order to ensure that companies can't just leave feedback on notaries who they've never worked with before. This feedback is visible to companies that use Snapdocs, but isn't visible to companies that do not use Snapdocs.

To help notaries who consistently go above and beyond for both the companies and borrowers they work with, both borrower and company feedback factors into a notary's "rating." Your rating is the percentage of positive feedback you've received out of all positive and negative feedback received. We understand that there may be a tendency to only leave negative feedback, which is why we encourage companies to leave positive feedback when they've had a great experience working with a notary. When a company leaves feedback, the feedback automatically defaults to being positive, but can be changed at any time. 

We've found that companies often keep notes on the notaries they've worked with, which is why companies also have the ability to keep private notes on Snapdocs. Private notes differ from feedback in a couple of ways. Companies can keep notes on any notary; however, these privates notes are only visible to the company that makes the note. A company cannot see another company's notes, and companies that are not on Snapdocs cannot see these private notes either. While private notes can also be positive, neutral, or negative in sentiment, these notes do not factor into a notary's rating. 


How do borrowers leave me feedback?

In order to capture feedback from more than one source, we also allow borrowers to leave you feedback. Borrower feedback works a little different than company feedback though. It's up to each company or their client (usually the lender) as to whether they'd like to solicit feedback from the borrower(s). If they would like to, they can send the borrower a survey after the signing. From there, it's completely optional for the borrower to fill out the survey. 

If a borrower does leave you feedback, this feedback is visible to all companies that use Snapdocs. This feedback is also factored into your rating. 


Can I see the feedback that I have?

At this time, company feedback is generally not available to notaries, but borrower feedback on some signings is. 

You can check whether there's borrower feedback available for you by clicking on an individual order on your dashboard. If there's feedback available, you'll be able to see it below the signing status. Here's an example:

If you receive our monthly summary email, we also share the number of thumbs ups (positive feedback) you've received from companies and borrowers in the past month in the email. 

While we're working on improving the feedback system, you are always free to follow up with the companies you work with to see if there's any feedback they'd like to share with you.

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