I'm not interested in receiving direct deposit payments (via VendorPay). Can I continue receiving payments by check?

Felicia -

If you are working with a company that is not enrolled in VendorPay, you can continue receiving payments via check from them. However, if you’re working with a company that is enrolled in VendorPay, you will need to enroll as well in order to receive payment for the work that you do.

If you have security concerns regarding direct deposit payments, please see our article on how we keep your payment information secure.

If you are not interested in receiving payment via direct deposit, we do ask that you please refrain from accepting any signings that are paid via VendorPay since the only way to receive payment will be through direct deposit. Prior to accepting a signing, we point out in 2 places if the signing will be paid via VendorPay.

  1. It will say "via VendorPay" next to the notary fee.
  2. It will also say that the order is being paid through VendorPay and by accepting and completing the signing, you agree to receive payment via direct deposit. 

Additionally, if you click "Yes, I am available" for a signing that will be paid through direct deposit, but you aren't set up on VendorPay yet, you'll see a confirmation page like the one below. 

If you agree to get set up to receive direct deposit payments and link a bank account, click the "I agree to be paid via direct deposit" button. If you do not agree to receive direct deposit payment for the signing, please click the "I'm not available" button, since companies who are enrolled in Snapdocs VendorPay will only pay through direct deposit.

If you clicked "I agree to be paid via direct deposit," but would later like to be paid through check, we are unable to make an exception. This is because the company who you've worked with through makes all of their notary payments through direct deposit. There are no exceptions made if you have agreed to be paid via direct deposit.


If you've been assigned directly by the company to a signing, there are multiple prompts to let you know that you need to set up VendorPay in order to receive payment.



When viewing an order, you'll also be asked to set up VendorPay in order to receive payment. 


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