How can I see a recent history of the notifications I've received?

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As of August 2016, you can now see a recent history of the signing notifications you've received. Not only can you see the recent notifications you've received, but you can also respond to any that you haven't responded to yet, see whether you've been assigned to the signing, or see whether the signing has been assigned to another notary.

We hope this provides more transparency around the notifications you receive. 


How Your Signing Notifications History Works

1. Login to your account and you should see a bell icon and "Signing Notifications" underneath your profile photo in the upper-left. If you've received new notifications you haven't responded to yet, there will be a green number by the bell icon to let you know how many outstanding notifications you have.


2. If you click on "Signing Notifications," you'll either see a recent history of the notifications you've received, or you'll see that you haven't received any notifications recently.


3. If you have recent notifications that you haven't responded to yet, just click on the blue "Respond" button. You should then be taken to the order details page, where you can indicate whether you're available or not available for the signing.


4. If you've been assigned to a signing, it'll be indicated in the column on the right. You can click "view" to be taken to the individual order. If you haven't been assigned, but another notary has, that will also be indicated on the right side.


5. If you've responded that you're not available, you can see the reason you selected. If you'd like to change your response at any time, just click on the blue pencil icon.



Why Don't All of My Notifications Show Up?

Not all of the notifications you've received will show up here. This is because we aim to only show you notifications when they're useful to you.

Recent notifications will only show up when:

  1. The order hasn't been assigned to a notary yet.
  2. You've responded as available to the order.
  3. You've responded as available, and the order was assigned to you. 
  4. You've responded as available, but the order was assigned to another notary.

Also, notifications that do appear will automatically disappear after a certain period of time. 

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