How do I mark a loan signing as complete?

Felicia -

In order to mark a signing as completed, you'll need to add a signing status to the order. Adding a signing status communicates to the company that contracted you whether the signing was successful or not and allows you to enter in any shipping information if documents were shipped back.


To add a signing status, watch the video tutorial above or follow these instructions:

1. Log into your account here.

2. Click into the order you want to mark as completed from your dashboard.

3. Click the blue "Add signing status" button to indicate whether the signing was successfully completed or not. 


4. Fill out the form that pops up to indicate whether the signing was successful and to add any relevant document shipping information. Click "Save" when you're done. Snapdocs will automatically invoice the company once a signing status has been added.

For orders that you've manually added, the popup box will be slightly different. You can check the "Send email notification to client" box if you would like to send an email notification to the client. Also, we will not invoice the client when a signing status has been added. If you'd like to do that, you'll need to invoice the client separately. 



Please note that for orders received through Snapdocs, only the company can close the order. For manually added orders, you can close the order and choose to either send an invoice to the client or not. Click here to learn more about invoicing.


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