How can I tell whether a notary bond is part of my Snapdocs Verified requirements?

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In addition to having a verified commission, background check report, E&O policy, and ID (via driver's license), the requirements to becoming Snapdocs Verified may or may not include also having a verified surety bond. This will depend on which state you are commissioned or located in.

It can be a bit confusing as to whether your Snapdocs Verified requirements include having a successfully verified bond though, so we've put together a quick guide.

If you're not sure whether your state requires notaries to be bonded, we suggest contacting them to clarify.


If Your State Requires a Surety Bond

If obtaining a bond is part of the notary public application, prior to being commissioned - We will consider signing agents as having a verified bond, as long as they have a verified commission on their account. To simplify things, your Snapdocs Verified requirements on your Credentials page will not include uploading a surety bond - just upload your notary commission.

If you'd like to upload your surety bond and have it verified, you can still choose to do so. However, uploading your surety bond is not required if you have a verified commission. Having a verified bond will give you a boost in ranking though, in addition to the boost you already receive for being Snapdocs Verified.

To upload your surety bond, just click on "Notary Bond" under the "Optional" section in the right-hand column of the page.



If obtaining a bond is not part of the notary public application and can be done after receiving your commission - In the case that the state or county doesn't ask for proof of a valid bond until after approving the notary public application, we do require you to upload and have a successfully verified bond in order to become Snapdocs Verified. 

When viewing your Credentials page, you should see that having a valid surety bond is listed under your Snapdocs Verified requirements.



Additionally, "Notary Bond" will be listed under your "Missing Credentials" section on the right-hand column of the page. You can click on "Notary Bond" link or the "+ Add" button in the Snapdocs Verified box to upload your bond and submit it for verification.



If Your State Does Not Require a Surety Bond

If your state does not require notary publics to have a surety bond, then having a verified bond isn't part of your Snapdocs Verified requirements. Your requirements remain the same, so just make sure you upload and have the following 4 documents successfully verified, and you'll become Snapdocs Verified:

  1. Notary commission
  2. Background check report
  3. E&O policy
  4. ID (via driver's license)
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