I only have PDF files for ID verification. How can I get the correct file format?

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While PDF files can be uploaded for most of your credentials, they aren't compatible with ID verification. This is because the third-party verification system we use is unable to process PDF files, which are not image files. These are the file formats that can be uploaded for ID verification:

  • PNG

There are a few ways to obtain either a JPG/JPEG or PNG file.


Convert the PDF file into a JPG/JPEG or PNG file by taking a screenshot

If you have a PDF file of the front and/or back of your license, there's an easy way to convert the file into either a JPG/JPEG or PNG file. Screenshots are typically either a PNG or JPG/JPEG file, so taking a screenshot of the opened PDF file will convert it into the right file format. 

1. Open the PDF file on your computer.

2. Take a screenshot of the image of your license that's on the PDF file. If you're not sure how to take a screenshot, this site offers clear instructions on how to do so based on the device you're using: https://www.take-a-screenshot.org/

3. Go through the ID verification process and upload the corresponding screenshots of the front and back of your driver's license when prompted to do so.


Use your mobile phone, tablet, or a camera to take a picture

Taking a picture with either a mobile phone, tablet, or camera will usually produce an image that is either a JPG/JPEG or PNG file. For some, this method may be easier than taking a screenshot, particularly if you're not familiar with screenshots. 

1. Use either your phone, tablet, or camera to take a picture of the front and back of your license. You can also use any of those devices to take a photo of yourself as well, if you don't have one already. In addition to an image of the front and back of your license, you'll also need to upload a photo of your face as the third and last step of ID verification.

2. If you're using a mobile phone or tablet to take pictures, you can probably complete ID verification on that device. Just open up the browser on your device and login to your account at app.snapdocs.com to go through ID verification. You can then upload the images you just took directly from your device when verifying your ID. Alternatively, you can email yourself the photos that you just took or download them straight to your computer, and then complete ID verification on your computer. 

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