Why wasn't my ID verification successful?

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If you are having trouble verifying your identity on Snapdocs, there are a couple of common reasons why your ID was not accepted:


1. The name on your license does not exactly match the name on your Snapdocs profile.

How to resolve this: Login to your account and go to the "My Profile" page to update the name on your Snapdocs profile, so it exactly matches the name on your license. If you make this change and are able to successfully verify your ID, you can always change the name on your Snapdocs profile back to your preferred name and this will not affect your ID verification.


2. You are using an expired driver's license.

How to resolve this: An expired license will not be able to be successfully verified, so please try ID verification again with a non-expired driver's license.


3. The images of your license are unreadable.

How to resolve this: If the ID verification system cannot clearly "read" the information on the front and back of your license, it'll be unable to successfully verify it. Please make sure the photos of the front and back of your license and the photo of your face are clear. Dark, fuzzy, or blurry photos or scans will sometimes not work. We recommend using either a phone or camera to take a picture, as they'll usually provide clear, sharp pictures.


4. Information on your license has been redacted.

How to resolve this: If your ID has been tampered with - blurred, blacked, or scratched out - verification won't work. Please upload an unredacted image of the front and back of your license. 


5. The images you're trying to upload are PDF files.

How to resolve this: The ID verification system can only process JPG, JPG, or PNG files. PDFs won't work. The easiest way to make sure you have an accepted file format is to use a camera or phone to take a picture and then upload the picture. If you have a webcam, you can also use that to take pictures as you go through the verification process. However, we've found that sometimes webcam pictures are not clear, which means the images of your license will be unreadable. We also offer alternative ways to obtain the correct file format if you only have a PDF file here


6. The images of your license are in black and white.

How to resolve this: The ID verification system can only process colored images. If you have a black and white scan of your license, we recommend either scanning your license in color or using a phone or camera to take a picture of your license instead.


7. The images of your license are too small.

How to resolve this: A small image of your license means the text on your license is essentially unreadable. If the ID verification system can't read the text on your license, it's unable to verify it. If this is the case, we recommend taking a new picture of your license. 


8. Another form of identification that is not a valid U.S. driver's license is being used for ID verification.

How to resolve this: Some companies that use Snapdocs specifically look for signing agents to hold a valid U.S. driver's license, which is why ID verification can only be completed with a driver's license at this time. Other forms of identification, like a passport or state ID, are unable to successfully verified. If you do have a driver's license, please use that to verify your ID. If you do not have a driver' license, then there's no need to worry about ID verification. You are still able to use Snapdocs without verifying your ID, although in order to be Snapdocs Verified, successfully verifying your ID is a requirement.


If you've tried verifying your ID again by following the detailed instructions and have confirmed that one of the reasons above is not why your ID was rejected, please email our support team (support@snapdocs.com) and we'll help you sort it out!

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