How do I verify my ID?

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Verifying your ID helps companies comfortably know that you are who you say you are. This feature verifies you by using a photo or scanned version of your driver's license, a picture of you, and your name. Follow the steps below to complete the ID verification process, and if you have trouble, check out the most common reasons why an ID cannot be verified

At this time, only a valid U.S. driver's license can be successfully verified. This is because some companies who use Snapdocs specifically look for signing agents to hold a driver's license. If you do not have a driver's license, there's no need to worry about ID verification - you'll still be able to use Snapdocs regardless.

If you have any security concerns around ID verification, you can learn more about who can see your credentials and what information they can see here.

*Note: The system will disregard middle names and initials, but if your first and last name on your profile do not exactly match the name on your license, the verification will not work. For example, if your name is Jennifer on your license but Jenny on your Snapdocs profile, it will not verify. You can solve this by changing your name in your Snapdocs profile to match the name on your license.*

1. Click "Credentials" in the left column in your Snapdocs profile. 


2. At the very top of this page you will see a large green button that says "Verify my Identity" - click on this. 


3. Make sure you have a clear color photo of your license in .JPG or .PNG format and a photo of yourself. (Please note that the ID verification system does not take PDF files.) Then click start verification. These are the screens you will be directed through:


4. It will ask you to choose which form of ID you are verifying. We currently can only verify your identity through your driver's license, so select that option.


5. On the next page, choose between uploading a picture of your license or using the webcam feature.



Capture image with your device camera

Follow the prompts to allow access to your webcam, then when the camera is on, hold your license up to the camera so that all of it is in the picture. Then click "Capture image." If the photo does not look right, you can click "Capture new image" as many times as you need to get it right - then click "Continue."


Upload file from your device

If you choose to upload a photo of your license, click this option. Click "Choose File" for each of these sections and select the appropriate file off of your computer or drag and drop the file you'd like to upload. Let the file upload, then click "Confirm."

*NOTE: The file you upload must be in JPG or PNG format. PDFs will not work.* 




6. After you upload a picture of the front and back of your license, you'll be asked to upload an image of your face. 



7. Once you have finished uploading all the required sections, you will see the screen below. The verification can take up to a couple minutes, so please do not click out of the window


If you go through the entire ID verification process but have trouble successfully verifying your identity, please check out our troubleshooting guide here, which lists the most common reasons for an unsuccessful ID verification.


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