How do I upload or delete my credential documents?

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How to Upload Your Credential Documents

Snapdocs cannot accept notary documents via fax, email, or mail. However, you can log into your notary account at to upload them. 

We only accept documents in PDF, JPG/JPEG, or PNG format. 


Once you sign in, you will land on your dashboard:

To upload notary documents, click on "Credentials" in the left hand navigation.

Then you will see this page in your profile:

You can click on any of the blue links in the right hand navigation to upload your documents - Notary Commission, W-9 form, etc. Learn more about different credential types here.

Specific instructions to upload the documents are below:

  1. Choose which document you would like to upload from the list in the right-hand navigation.
  2. Fill out the relevant information in the fields on the form for that document.
  3. Upload your document by clicking on "Select File" in the "Attachment" field.
  4. Choose the file off your computer.
  5. Click "Open."
  6. If you have multiple files for one document, click the "+ Add another page" link to select another file to upload. 
  7. Once you've selected all the files you want to upload for that document, click the "Save" button to upload the selected file(s).


How to Delete or Manage Your Credential Documents

To change existing credentials, simply click "manage" to the right of the credential, then either "Delete Document" or "Add Another Document" in the drop down menu. 

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