How to get more business by becoming Snapdocs Verified

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Many companies are interested in working with notaries who are qualified and credentialed. As a result, notaries who upload their credentials and have them successfully verified will receive a boost in ranking when companies are searching for a notary to work with. In fact, verified notaries average 5x more business than a notary who has not been verified.


How do you become Snapdocs Verified?

To become Snapdocs Verified, please upload the following four documents to submit them to our system for verification:

  • Notary commission
  • Notary bond (if applicable)
  • Background check report
  • E&O insurance policy

Follow the instructions for uploading your documents here.

Next, complete the ID verification process with an image of the front and back of your driver's license and a photo of your face. Follow the ID verification instructions here.

Once all your documents have been successfully verified and your ID has been verified, you'll be listed as Snapdocs Verified! Companies will see that you are Snapdocs Verified and this will also boost your notary ranking, putting you higher on the search list in your area. 


Is becoming Snapdocs Verified required?

You are not required to be Snapdocs Verified if you do not wish. Not being Snapdocs Verified does not exclude you from receiving notifications of signing opportunities. However, many companies seeking signing agents do look for this verification and notaries who are Snapdocs Verified greatly increase their chances of being notified of a signing and of being selected by a company. 


What constitutes a verified document?

Documents need to be clear, legible, and complete, and the information on your profile needs to match the information on the document in order for it to be successfully verified. If information is missing, doesn’t match or is illegible the document will be rejected. Also, all pages of your credentials should be uploaded as one document. Here are some tips specific to each document.

Notary commission: This document needs to be your actual notary commission certificate. If you have uploaded any of the following, the document will be rejected:

  • Supplemental notary ID card
  • NNA certificate
  • Notary stamp or a print of your notary stamp
  • Screenshot or image of your name or commission information in your state's online notary database

Learn more about why commissions are rejected and how to resolve it.

Notary bond: The notary bond requirement is only applicable if you are commissioned in a state that requires notaries to be bonded. If you're not sure whether your state requires a notary bond, we suggest contacting the state or county office for clarification.

Most states that require a bond will not commission you as a notary unless you have already obtained a bond. If that is the case, we'll recognize that you have a verified bond as long as there is a successfully verified commission uploaded to your account. 

In most cases, a copy of the actual bond must be provided in order for it to be successfully verified. In some states, your bond may be located on your notary public application, instead of on a separate document. If you're having trouble locating a copy of your bond, we provide some help here.

If you have uploaded any of the following, the document will be rejected:

  • E&O policy
  • Notary commission certificate
  • Power of attorney

Learn more about why notary bonds are rejected and how to resolve it.

Background check: The background check report contains the following required sections:

  • SSN trace
  • County criminal search
  • Federal and nationwide criminal search
  • Sex offender search
  • Patriot Act search (optional)
  • Motor vehicle record (optional)

Learn more about why background check reports are rejected and how to resolve it.

E&O insurance policy: The policy is complete and includes the page with the insurer's signature.

Learn more about why E&O policies are rejected and how to resolve it.

ID verification: Please follow the detailed instructions on how to complete ID verification here.


*Please note that your documents may not be verified right away. If you see a "pending" status, this means the document is in our queue, waiting to be checked by the system. Verification can take up to a few days to complete.*

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