I received a negative comment on Snapdocs, what should I do?

Felicia -

Snapdocs allows signing services and title companies to leave feedback on the signing agents with whom they work. These can include positive comments or neutral comments like "notary is on vacation", but companies will sometimes leave feedback about negative experiences as well.
We've had to institute a policy of not mediating conflicts between notaries and companies since there's no way of us knowing who's at fault or who is telling the truth in a given situation. We do, however, recognize that our feedback system can be improved and we are working to make feedback more accurate and helpful. 
For example, we prompt companies for feedback after every signing. By default, feedback is positive, but companies can change this at any time. If there is one negative experience on a notary's profile, it will be deprecated by every subsequent positive interaction. Borrowers can also leave feedback on their experience, which helps in gathering feedback from more than one source. Learn more about our feedback system.
We have also started making borrower feedback available to notaries. If you click into an individual order from your dashboard, you'll be able to see whether there's borrower feedback available underneath the signing status of the order. Here's an example:
In the meantime, you can always reach out to the companies who you've worked with to see if they have any feedback they'd like to share with you. You can see a list of all the companies you've worked with by logging in and going to the "Companies" page.
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