Can signing agents leave feedback on the companies they've worked with?

Felicia -

While our current feedback system allows signing services and title companies that use Snapdocs to leave feedback on the notaries they've worked with on the platform, we don't have a feature that allows notaries to leave feedback on the companies they've worked with. However, this is a commonly requested feature. 

We're taking this request into consideration as we continue to work on our feedback system. We recognize that the ability to rate companies on certain criteria, like payment time, clear communication, etc. would certainly be valuable and helpful to notaries when deciding whether to work with a company or not. 

Even though we don't offer a way to leave feedback or rate companies who you've worked with at this time, there are other sites that offer a feature like this, which you can reference prior to deciding whether you'd like to indicate that you're available for a signing. We recognize that some companies that use Snapdocs may offer a better experience than others, so while we don't allow notaries to leave feedback on companies currently, we do allow notaries to block companies who they would no longer like to work with.

Our feedback system is a constant work in progress, so if you have any suggestions, ideas, or feedback for us, you can always contact us at!

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