Who can see my signings on Snapdocs?

Felicia -

All of your signings on Snapdocs are only completely visible to you. 


Orders Done Through Snapdocs

Companies that use Snapdocs and who you've worked with can only see their own orders with you. They cannot see the signings you've done with other companies on Snapdocs or signings that you've manually added to your account. This means that they do not know who your other clients are and how much your fees are. 


Orders Manually Added By You

For orders that you manually add to your account, only you can see those. Companies on Snapdocs cannot see these orders at all. Neither can companies that do not use Snapdocs.

If you've added a client that does not use Snapdocs to your account, you still control how much information they have access to when you add an order of theirs to your account. You can choose to message your client through Snapdocs' commenting system and send an invoice through our system. However, by default, these options are not automatically selected for you. You can use Snapdocs to manage the signings you receive outside of Snapdocs without having your client to know or have to get involved. We will also never message your client on your behalf without your permission. 

Snapdocs also does not solicit your clients based on the orders you manually add to your account. Instead, we attend industry events, receive referrals through companies that currently use Snapdocs, and do a lot of market research to identify companies who might benefit from using Snapdocs.

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