Who can see my credentials?

Felicia -

Your credentials can contain sensitive and personal information, which is why security and access to them is something that is very important to us. All of your credentials can only be accessed by companies that use Snapdocs.

Non-sensitive documents, like your commission and E&O can be accessed by any company on Snapdocs prior to them working with you. However, sensitive documents, like your W-9 and background check, can only be accessed once the company and you have mutually agreed to work together. This happens when the company assigns you to a signing. 

If you've chosen to verify your ID via driver's license on Snapdocs, the uploaded images of your license are never accessible to companies. Instead, companies can only see the following information extracted from your license:

  • The name on your license
  • The state your license was issued in
  • The last two digits of your license number
  • The expiration date of your license

Companies that do not use Snapdocs can never view your credentials, unless you explicitly share your credentials with them. Learn how to do so here.

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