Mileage FAQ

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We automatically calculate your mileage for you based on the street address in your profile and the address of the signing location. Please note that mileage is only calculated once an order has been completed and should be for your personal use only. We recommend factoring your travel costs into the offered notary fee prior to accepting a signing. 



1.) How is my mileage calculated?

We use the address listed on your profile as your starting point and the address of the signing location to calculate the mileage for a roundtrip. Our system uses Google Maps to route the fastest way from your street address to the signing location.

2.) What do I do if the mileage is wrong?

We understand that you are not always coming from the same place and that there will frequently be inaccuracies in your mileage. This is why we give you the opportunity to edit it! If you click "Accounting" in the left column of your profile and then click on the "Expenses" tab towards the top of the page, you will see all of your orders and the accrued mileage for each. If you click on the gray pencil icon next to the mileage you will be able to manually enter the correct amount. 

After clicking the gray pencil icon, you should now be able to edit the mileage field (as indicated by the red arrow on the left). The cost will automatically reflect the change in mileage. Once you're done editing the mileage, just click "Ok" (as indicated by the red arrow on the right) to save your changes.

3.) How is the expense calculated?

We estimate your expense based on the IRS mileage rate at the time the signing was done.You can find this on the IRS's website here. Please confirm this value before official use. 

Here is the formula: roundtrip distance x IRS mileage rate = expense

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