How can I block/unblock a company?

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How to Block a Company

We understand that not all signing agents may be interested in working with all companies that use Snapdocs. We also know that sometimes signing agents may have an unpleasant experience working with a company. In these cases, if you'd like to not work with a company in the future, you can block specific companies. 

Blocking a company means you'll stop receiving signing notifications from them and you won't show up when they search for a notary in your area.

  1. To block a company, you'll need to first receive a signing notification from them.
  2. When you do receive a notification from them, select the "No, because..." option.
  3. You should then several options as to why you might not be available for the signing. Select the option that says "I do not want to work with [Company Name]". 
  4. You should then see an option to "Block this company from sending me signings." Check this option to block the company from sending you future notifications of available signing opportunities. If you'd like to, you can also submit any feedback on why you would no longer to work with the company in the comment box. 
  5. Finally, click the blue "Send Feedback" button to submit your feedback and block the company.


How to Unblock a Company

Blocking a company is not permanent. You can always unblock a company if circumstances change and you would like to work with the company. 

  1. Login to your Snapdocs account and go to your "Companies" page. Any companies that you've blocked will be grayed out and will say "Blocked" next to their company name. In this case, "DemoCo" has been blocked. 
  2. Click on the company name to navigate to the company's page, which should look like this:
  3. To unblock the company, just click the orange "Unblock" button and you should then see a popup that asks you to confirm whether you would like to unblock the company.
  4. Click "Confirm" to confirm that you would like to unblock the company. 
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