How can I boost my Snapdocs notary ranking?

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Snapdocs helps companies find reputable and trustworthy notaries, while also helping outstanding notaries build their business. When companies on Snapdocs search for notary signing agents, we return a ranked list, with the most proven notaries at the top. 

Being highly ranked on Snapdocs is beneficial because highly ranked notaries will be some of the first to hear about signing opportunities in their area. Thus, this gives them the opportunity to be one of the first to indicate that they're available for the signing. Highly ranked notaries will also be more likely to be notified of all signing opportunities in their area as a result. Learn more about how your ranking affects your notifications.




How do you build your reputation on Snapdocs and rank higher in search results? Our search algorithm looks at a variety of factors, but here are some of the criteria that factor into the ranking system and tips on how you can improve your ranking:


Factor #1: A Complete Profile

Completing your notary profile is one of the most critical factors that contributes to increasing your ranking.

The first thing you should do to complete your profile is to add a professional photo of yourself. Not only does our search algorithm rank notaries with photos higher than those without, but title, escrow, and signing service agents are more likely to choose signing agents with a photo. Their goal is to provide the highest quality loan signing experiences to their borrowers, and photos help them feel more of a connection to and confidence in the notaries who will represent them at the loan closings. Remember to keep your profile photo professional though, as companies and borrowers can see it. Check out our tips on having a great profile photo.

In addition to a photo, be sure to upload all of the necessary documents and fill in all fields in your Snapdocs profile. In your bio, outline your work history and experience as a signing agent. Then, fill out the information needed for your W-9 and upload your notary commission, notary bond, E&O insurance, background check report, NNA certification, and driver’s license. Learn more about getting Snapdocs Verified.

Having a complete profile will not only help you rank higher in Snapdocs search results, but it will also give you a way to differentiate yourself to companies when they're searching for a notary to work with.


Factor #2: Number of Loan Signings 

Another important factor that we use to rank notaries is the number of signings they’ve completed. The more signings and repeat orders you receive from companies on Snapdocs, the more you build your credibility as an experienced notary. As you complete more signings over time, you'll build up a work history on Snapdocs that will help increase the number of signing opportunities you are notified about.


Factor #3: Favorites 

Another great way to boost your ranking on Snapdocs is to earn “favorites” from the companies on our platform.

Snapdocs has a feature that allows companies  to “favorite” the notaries they prefer to work with in mortgage closings. In order to earn as many “favorites” as possible, always go above and beyond to deliver exceptional signing experiences to borrowers and companies. Focus on building long-term, highly engaged relationships with companies. In doing so, you'll incentivize these companies to mark you as a favorite so that you constantly rank at the top of their search results. If you are at the top of a company's search results, this means that you'll be notified of most signing opportunities and be one of the first notaries who are notified. 

To earn the trust of companies, follow their instructions closely, communicate reliably and clearly, dress professionally for each signing, be on time and prepared with the necessary documents, and anticipate the needs of the borrowers to make the loan signing process as positive as possible.


If you keep these three tips in mind as you book and manage loan signings through Snapdocs, you'll likely see compound returns in the growth of your notary business and the quality of your relationships with the companies driving loan signings your way.


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