How can I indicate to a company that I would not accept a signing because the fee is too low, it's too far away, etc.?

Felicia -

We understand that you may not be interested in indicating that you're available for a signing for a number of reasons. Whether it's because the fee is too low, you're busy at the indicated time, or you just would not like to work with that signing service or title company, you can let companies know directly why you're not interested or available for a signing. 

If you receive text notifications, you'll need to first click on the link in the text message and then you should be brought to a web page with more information on the signing and the choice to indicate whether you're available for the signing or not. 

If you're not available for the signing or wouldn't accept the signing based on the information provided, select the "No, because..." option.

You should then see several options as to why you might not be available for the signing:

I am not available at that time - Select this option if you're not available for the date/time of the signing. You can then indicate when you are available.

Location is too far away - Select this option if the signing location is too far away. If you'd still be interested in taking the signing but with a higher fee to compensate for the long travel distance, let the company know what fee would be acceptable for you.

The pay is too low - Select this option if the fee the company offered is too low. You can then indicate what fee you would accept the signing for. We highly recommend letting the company know this so that they know their fee is unacceptable and they have the feedback to revise their fees accordingly.

I no longer do mobile signings - Select this option if you're no longer an active notary. You can then deactivate your Snapdocs account if you'd like. 

I am unfamiliar with [company] - Select this option if you've never heard of the company and would like to know more information about them.

I do not want to work with [company] - Select this option if you'd no longer like to work with this company. Selecting this option will also bring up an option to "Block this company from sending me signings." Blocking a company will prevent them from sending you future notifications of available signing opportunities. Click here for more detailed instructions on how to block and unblock companies.

Other - If you're declining an available signing opportunity for another reason that's not listed, select this option and leave a comment as to why you're declining the signing.

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