How Signing Notifications Work

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Snapdocs’ notification system was created to help notaries quickly and effortlessly connect with nearby signing opportunities. You can choose to receive notifications via text or email, and if you don't want to receive notifications, you can turn them off. Learn how to change your notification settings.

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How It Works

Notaries are ranked - While you may have encountered other systems, Snapdocs’ notification system is more sophisticated. We use an algorithm to rank notaries based on a variety of factors, like quality of work and profile completeness. Learn how to boost your ranking.

Notifications are sent one at a time - Instead of “cattle calling” dozens of notaries at once like other systems, our system works down the list, contacting notaries one at a time. It’s beneficial to be ranked highly, as you’ll be one of the first notaries to have an opportunity to respond to the signing opportunity. While it’s still up to the company to choose who they assign, it certainly helps to be an early responder. When a notary responds as available, we stop sending more notifications. However, the company can always manually stop or resume sending notifications at any time. Because notifications are sent in this way, not all notaries in an area may hear about a signing opportunity.

Companies select the signing agent they'd like to work with - While it can help to respond quickly to a notification, it is up to the signing service or title company that sent out the notification to assign a signing agent to the signing. Each company will have its own preferences or criteria in selecting a signing agent. However, in general, it is highly beneficial to be Snapdocs Verified and have a profile photo. 

If you're left still confused, here's an infographic to help sum it up:



How to Respond to Notifications

1. If you're receiving text notifications, click on the link in the text message to see the signing opportunity. If you're receiving email notifications, open the email to see the signing opportunity. 

2. When viewing the signing, you should see something similar to this if you're receiving text notifications:


If you're receiving email notifications, you should see something similar to this:

3. Click on the "Yes, I am available" or "I'm interested" button if you would be willing to complete the signing at the offered fee. Click on the "No, because..." button if you are not available or willing to do the signing, based on the information offered. You should then see a variety of options to indicate to the company why you are passing on the opportunity. 

4. If you've indicated that you're available, there's nothing left to do! You'll only receive a confirmation message if you've been assigned to the signing. If you don't receive a confirmation message, the company probably assigned the signing to another notary. However, you can see a recent history of your signing notifications - learn more here


What Affects Your Notifications

We know that receiving notifications for signings that you aren’t interested in can be less than ideal. This is why we’re constantly working on making improvements so you’ll receive more notifications for signings that you’re interested in, and less of the rest.

Manage when you receive notifications:

  • Snooze your notifications or set an “out of office” so you won’t be disturbed when you’re busy or on vacation. Learn more.

Receive fewer notifications that you aren’t interested in:

  • Stop receiving notifications from companies who you aren’t interested in working with by blocking them. Learn more.


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