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When a signing agent first signs up for a Snapdocs account, completes their profile, uploads their documents, and enables notifications, they'll often start to receive notifications of available signing opportunities in their area with no explanation as to how they got notified or how the entire closing process works on the platform. This is why we've put together a guide on how Snapdocs works for notary signing agents. 


1. Title and escrow and signing service companies create an order and search for a notary on Snapdocs.

When companies are looking for a notary to work with on Snapdocs, they're presented with a ranked list of notaries in the area of the signing location. Our search algorithm returns notaries based on mile radius from the signing location, as opposed to zip code or county. 

At this point, companies can choose to directly assign an order to a notary. However, in most cases, they'll use our notification system to send out notifications to notaries in order to see who is available for the signing. Our notification system actually works its way down the ranked list of notaries, sending out notifications one by one to notaries. Once a notary responds that they're available, the notification system automatically stops. Companies can also manually stop our system from sending out notifications at any time. They can also start up the notification system if they'd like to continue notifying notaries, and the system will pick up from where it left off. Learn more about how the notification system works.

Because notifications are sent out one by one and notifications can be stopped from being sent out at any time, it's beneficial to be highly ranked. Highly ranked notaries will be notified first of signing opportunities in their area. As a result, they will also be notified of most signing opportunities. 

Learn how to boost your notary ranking here.


2. Companies will assign the order to a notary who indicated that he/she is available.

Signings are not assigned to notaries based on a first-come, first-serve basis. While it can help to be the first to respond to a signing notification, it is up to each company to choose a notary to assign to the order. 

Only when a company assigns you to an order will you receive confirmation. 

Once an order is assigned to a notary, all communication usually moves over to email or the Snapdocs platform.


3. Notaries and companies use the Snapdocs platform to send and receive documents and track the status of an order.

Your Snapdocs dashboard keeps track of all your orders for you. Clicking on an individual order will show you the status of the order, any special instructions you'll need to follow, and whether documents are available to download for the signing, among other things. 

You can also message the company that assigned you the order directly by leaving them a comment on the order. Click here for detailed instructions. If a company is being unresponsive to your messages through Snapdocs, we do provide contact information so you can directly email or call companies. 


4. After a signing has occurred, notaries must add a signing status to the order to let the company know whether it was successful or not.

After a signing has passed, you'll need to add a signing status to the order. This lets the company know whether the signing was completed successfully or not. Click here for instructions on how to add a signing status

If a company has asked for scanbacks, you can securely send them the files through Snapdocs - just follow these instructions

After you've added a signing status, there's nothing left on your end! It's up to the company to close the order. We will then automatically generate an invoice for you so you can get paid for your work.

If you find that you're having trouble receiving payment, we offer some recommendations on what you can do here.

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