Guide to Growing Your Signing Agent Business with Snapdocs

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Snapdocs’ free notary software platform will help you run your notary signing business more effectively and efficiently. You can use Snapdocs to track signings and payments, securely transfer signing documents, and manage all loan closings in one place. Our platform offers many benefits and features that will not only help you run your business more efficiently, but also help you grow it and make it more profitable.


Earn More Business, Increase Loan Signings and Revenue

One of the greatest aspects of Snapdocs is that it creates an ecosystem where notaries can connect with title and escrow companies and signing services to do more business. Currently, there are hundreds of signing services and title companies using Snapdocs' loan software to search and assign notaries to loan closings around the country.

As a notary, the more you use Snapdocs to manage your closings, the higher you'll be ranked in search results when companies use Snapdocs to search for notaries in their area. This means you'll be notified of more signing opportunities and have access to a wider variety of signings and fees.

Our notary ranking algorithm is dependent on your volume of orders and quality of work, among other factors, so use the platform often and deliver high customer service on each signing to boost your reputation on Snapdocs and increase your access to new loan signings. Click here to learn more about how you can boost your notary ranking.


4 Steps to Getting Started on Snapdocs

After you've created your notary signing agent account, follow these 4 steps to get set up:

1. Complete your Snapdocs profile– When filling out your profile, be sure to add a photo of yourself, fill out your bio, and indicate which languages you're fluent in. Profiles with photos receive significantly higher rates of signings than those without a photo. This is because companies like to see who they're relying on to deliver a great signing experience.

2. Make your Snapdocs profile public. - When your profile is set to public, your profile will be viewable online to any company or person that is not on Snapdocs. This means that your profile can be returned in a Google search for notaries in your area. Learn more about your public profile here.

3. Get Snapdocs Verified. - Becoming Snapdocs Verified means you've uploaded and had all necessary credentials and documents successfully verified. This includes uploading your driver's license, notary commission, bond (if applicable), background check report, and E&O insurance policy. Not only do companies want to see that you've verified your credentials, but doing so will also give you a nice boost in the notary search rankings. Click here to securely upload your documents.

4. Add your W-9 and any other additional documents. In order to receive payment, fill out your personal information to have a W-9 generated for you. You can also add any other certifications or documents to your profile as an additional document. 


Discover the Tools to Manage Your Workflow

Snapdocs also allows you to easily and efficiently manage your notary business in one place. 

Manage all orders on your Snapdocs dashboard. - All loan signing orders that are assigned to you through Snapdocs will automatically be added to your dashboard, where you can easily see the signer's name, the details of each appointment, the fee, and the status of the order. If a loan signing order doesn't come through Snapdocs, you can still track those on your dashboard by manually adding them. You can also mark which orders you've received payment for and see which invoices are still outstanding. Learn more about using Snapdocs to manage all your signings.

Track your expenses. - Snapdocs automatically calculates how far you need to drive to a signing location based on the street address you provide in your profile and estimates your gas expense for you. If there are any other expenses that you incur when doing a signing, you can add it to your Expenses page to keep track of all your costs in one place. Learn more about tracking your expenses.

Manage your outstanding and received payments. - With your Accounting page, you can easily see which payments are outstanding, mark signings as paid, and generate your own payment reports. If a signing is paid through VendorPay direct deposit, you'll be able to see when your payment transfer will begin and when you can expect the payment to be deposited into your bank account. 

Access your account on-the-go. - Snapdocs was also built to be viewed and used on tablets and smartphones, so you can easily add and track orders when you're away from your desk.

Click here to learn how the closing process works on Snapdocs.

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