What is Snapdocs?

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Snapdocs is a software platform that signing services, title companies, and signing agents use to manage their closings. We are a technology company building software for businesses and professionals that operate in the mortgage industry.

It is important to note that Snapdocs is not a signing service, title company, or lender. When you receive a signing through the Snapdocs platform, you won't actually be receiving it from Snapdocs. You will be receiving it from a title company or signing service that is using Snapdocs' technology and platform. This also means that you are contracted by the signing service or title company that sent you the signing offer and assigned you to the signing.

Snapdocs also does not represent, manage, or supervise users, whether you are notary signing agent, attorney, signing service, title company, etc. You, as well as every other user, are responsible for your own actions and communication with others. 

Because we are a technology provider, Snapdocs isn't involved in the signings that take place through the platform. Most signing-specific questions should be directed to the company that hired you. Should you ever run into an issue with a company that has contracted you for a signing, we recommend working with that company directly to resolve the issue or conflict.

Snapdocs is also completely free for signing agents to use. We do not charge signing agents for any of the tools or features we currently offer. There is also no option to pay for a "premium" listing or account. Instead, in an effort to surface the most qualified signing agents, your ranking is the best way to increase your chances of being notified of signing opportunities in your area. 


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